Biography of King of la taifa de Algeciras Al-Qasim II (ca. 1010-?)

King of the taifa of Algeciras born about 1010 and Almeria died in date unknown. His short reign was truncated by the annexation of the Kingdom of Algeciras by the taifa of Seville.

Son of Muhammad ibn al-Qasim ibn Hammud al-Madhi, Al Qasim belonged to the clan of the hammudids, of Berber origin, had exercised the Caliphate in Córdoba and after its decomposition they sought to exercise it from Malaga. According to the Chronicles al - Qasim had many brothers, whose name is not mentioned.

On the death of his father in 1048 it was named his successor as King of Algeciras by the inhabitants of the city and took the title of al - Watiq. His reign had crossed without incident up to that in 1054 the taifa King of Seville, Abu Amr Abbad ibn Muhammad embarked on the conquest of the small Principality of Algeciras. Although al - Qasim had only a small force of two hundred men managed to hold for awhile to Seville, until this besieged by land and by sea Algeciras. Al - Qasim asked the help of Sawayyat al - Bargawati of Ceuta, Governor of the city on behalf of the hammudids, but no response was forced to capitulate in the absence of sourcing for the population. The hammudid monarch agreed the surrender of the city with Abd Allah ibn Sallan, Minister of the Sevillian Régulo, getting a safe-conduct for himself and his family. The annexation of the taifa Kingdom of Seville by took place in the year of the Hegira of 446, i.e. between April 1054 and 1055 April.

Al - Qasim left Algeciras on a ship provided by the winners and took turn to Ceuta, having requested asylum to its Governor, but to find out that this didn't get it, did change the direction of the boat and arrived at Almeria, which welcomed the protection of Muhammad al-Mutasim and where he/she remained until the end of his days.


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