Biography of Valí de al-Andalus Al-Samh Ibn Malik al-Jawlani (?-721)

Sixth Wali of al - Andalus between the year 717 and 721, born at time and place unknown and died on the outskirts of Toulouse in 721 when he faced the army of the Duke of Aquitaine Eudes.

During his rule he worried to put order in the interior of the United administration and made a series of great works of infrastructure such as the bridge of Córdoba. Among his administrative reforms was the creation of a general register of the Muslim population, which contemplated is the demographics, the economy, the geography of the region, peoples and general resources of al - Andalus. Such registration was subsequently sent to the Caliph, so it is likely the idea to come out of the Caliphate, not al - Samh.

After reorganizing al - Andalus crossed the Pyrenees and marched over the Franks. He besieged and took Narbonne and many other major cities in its path; He took their attacks to Provence and even Burgundy, submitting as found in its path. Finally, he came to Toulouse and at the site of the town was defeated by the Duke of Aquitaine, which gave him death.