Biography of Guillermo Alan (1552-1594)

English Cardinal, who was born in Lancaster County in 1552 and died in 1594. He/She was an ardent defender of Catholicism, which had to emigrate from her country, because of the intolerance of the Government of Isabel, who became punished with severe penalties the reading of the works of Alan. He/She constantly lived in the Netherlands, and in reward of his services to the Catholic faith, received the cardinal cardinal in 1589, and obtained the Archbishopric of Mechelen. He/She lived do not, however, in this city, but that was to be established in Rome, where much favored expatriate English Catholics. His main works are: defence of the Catholic doctrine regarding purgatory, and prayers for the dead, short reasons in favour of the Catholic faith, defending the legitimate power and the authority of the priesthood for the remission of sins, with a supplement on the confession and indulgences, on the sacraments, worship of Saints and relicsModest and sincere apology for Catholic Christians who have suffered for the faith, already in his country, already elsewhere.