Biography of Fabián Alarcón (1947-VVVV)

Ecuadorian politician, Acting President of Ecuador from 1997 to 1998, born in Quito on April 14, 1947. He/She attended his primary studies at the Colegio de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Madrid, while his father was Ambassador of Ecuador at Spain. Secondary made them in three countries and different institutions: Institute homeland, Mexico, Liceo Cervantes, in Bogotá, and Colegio San Gabriel, Quito. Conducted University studies at the Catholic University of Quito, where he/she obtained the titles of Licentiate in political science, doctor of jurisprudence and lawyer of the Republic.

He has served different functions, both in the private sector and the public. Among others, he/she has served as President of the school of law of the University Catholic Association and the Federation of Catholic students from Ecuador. He/She was Councillor city of Quito and member of the Committee of political restructuring of the State and of the Interamerican Federation of lawyers. It was representative of Ecuador in inter-American Congress of lawyers in Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Quito.

Between 1984 and 1988, he/she held the positions of provincial prefect of the province of Pichincha (whose capital is Quito), President of the consortium of provincial councils of Ecuador (1984), and Deputy of the Republic. In 1990 he/she was President of the Commission of International Affairs of the European Parliament and main vowel of the permanent legislative Commission on Civil and criminal in that same year.

Between 1990 and 1991 was a principal member of the National Defense Board representing Parliament and delegate of the National Congress in the Andean Parliament in Lima (1990). In 1992 was Vice President of the Republic.

He has been President of the Congress of Ecuador between 1991 and 1992, and subsequently between 1995 and 1996, I fee which was re-elected for the period 1997-1998.

It belongs to the Alfarista Radical Front Party (FRA), political center-right group that picks up the thought of Eloy Alfaro, early 20th century Ecuadorian liberal caudillo. The party has only two others besides: Merino Wilson and Leon Nelson.

On February 6, 1997, as a result of the dismissal by the Parliament of the President of the Republic, Abdalá Bucaram, "mental disability", the Chamber of deputies elected Fabián Alarcón Acting President. The Vice-President of the Republic, Rosalía Arteaga, on the same date and by invoking the Constitution, is autoproclamba President, with which the country had three "Presidents" who claimed the Government of the nation.

Two days later, Rosalía Artea was chosen as 'temporary' President, with the vote of 45 of the 82 members of the Congress and the support of the army. In this way was the first woman who came to the Presidency, which remained only two days in Ecuador. February 11, i.e., five days later, Alarcon was again elected by the Congress, special session, Acting President of the Republic, vote of 57 of 82 members, two-thirds of the required.

He was interim President until August 10, 1998, date in which called for elections; Jamil Mahuad, the fourth head of State, who assumed power in the past two years after the ouster of Abdalá Bucaram, the fleeting passage by the Palacio de Carondelet of Rosalía Arteaga and interim command of Fabián Alarcón was chosen.

One is considered to Fabián Alarcón politicians Ecuadorian with greater talent for negotiation, as evidenced by the fact that with only two members of his party have managed to become President of Congress and twice President of the Republic.