Biography of Emilio Alarcos Llorach (1922-1998)

Writer, linguist and Spanish literary critic, born in Salamanca on April 22, 1922 and died in Oviedo on January 26, 1998. Son of the philologist Emilio Alarcos García, was also formed in school of Ramón Menéndez Pidal and was a direct disciple of Dámaso Alonso during his Bachelor's degree in philosophy and letters. Subsequently, he/she obtained his PhD in this area and was a Professor of language and Spanish literature at the Swiss universities of Bern and Basel (1946-1947), where stood abreast of structuralist advances that in those years felt European linguistics. He/She had knowledge of the theories of Saussure, Trubetzkoy, Jakobson, Hjelmslev and Martinet, contributions to then - almost always as a pioneer - studies of Spanish Linguistics and literary criticism

On his return to Spain, he/she won a Chair in Institute and taught in Avilés (Asturias), Cabra (Córdoba) and Logroño. From 1951, he/she joined the Faculty of philosophy and letters of the University of Oviedo as Professor of historical grammar, a Chair he/she held until his retirement. He/She was also a visiting professor at American universities in Wisconsin and Texas.

His many linguistic research works have appeared in journals and encyclopedias; These include graphical representations of language, expressive phonology and poetry, the Spanish phonological system, the phonetic system of catalan history and structure in Hispanic vowel systems, structural grammar (1951), studies of functional grammar of Spanish (1970), Linguistics today (1978), Spanish, ancient language (1982) and grammar of the Spanish language (1994).

His contributions to literary criticism were reflected in the poetry of Blas de Otero (1955), Ángel González, poet (1969), Anatomy of 'fight for life' (1972), essays and literary studies, and the poetry of Ángel González.

Emilio Alarcos, he/she advocated the importance of teaching in the researcher, was the first to apply the Prague school structuralism to the Spanish phonological studies. Subsequently underwent the syntax the same approach.

He was a member of number of the Real Academia Española since 1972, although not its corresponding Chair he/she held until 1973. Doctor honoris causa of the universities of Salamanca, Valladolid and Leon, in 1995 was awarded the national prize for research Menéndez Pidal.