Biography of Genaro Alas Rodríguez (1926-VVVV)

Spanish architect. He/She was born on April 29, 1926 in Madrid. He/She studied from the Madrid School of architecture, obtaining the title of architect in 1954. The same year he/she was appointed architect of the National Institute of colonization of Cáceres, passing in 1956 to be the representative architect of the General direction of architecture in the province of Extremadura.

In 1955 partnered with Pedro Casariego and they founded a joint study under the name wings and Casariego. At the beginning of the sixties he/she made a journey through Central Europe to be selected as a member of the Spanish team which studied the prefabrication in the building of Europe.

He worked for a time as Professor of construction at the Escuela Técnica Superior of architecture of Madrid (E.T.S.A.M). In 1966 is awarded the title of Doctor Arquitecto.Iniciada the 1990s, participates in the "course of new technologies of architecture" at the University of Santa María de la Rábida (Latin America).

Wings and Casariego constitute an important source of current Spanish architecture. Partners since 1955, they belong to the period that marked the guideline of the contemporary architecture of Spain.

In his works is latent in many occasions the post-war modern feeling even if it is based on constructive rationality and projects arising from clearly architectural arguments that are due to the current time. They are capable of projecting a solid architecture that presents a strict geometry sometimes carried abroad.

His most notable works include, but are not limited: the factory's coffee Monky (1960) where the transparency of glass is an important role; the building Centre (Madrid, 1965); the Windsor building, which is a key piece within the architecture of the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid (1974-1979); the railway station and the shopping centre at Tres Cantos (1986), which is one of the most technological.

Wings and Casariego were responsible for bringing the paper in the direction of works of the Torre Picasso (Madrid) and are currently recognized their projects for individual houses in the area east of Madrid, as well as groupings for collective housing: residential Park Ansaldo (Alicante) and set of houses in calle Sierra Elvira (Madrid).


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