Biography of Ignacio María de Álava (1750-1817)

Military Spanish, born in Vitoria in 1750 and died in Chiclana (Cádiz) from May 26, 1817. Riojan family, after finishing his studies at the Seminary of Vergara, sat square of midshipman June 23, 1766, and two years later became the sea. In command of the frigate rose he/she attended the site of Gibraltar with floating batteries and combat against the English squad on October 20, 1782. Injured on that occasion, he/she ascended the month following captain. He/She was appointed brigadier on 1 March 1792, and then a major-general of the squadron commanded by Juan de Langara. He/She made the campaign of 1793 in the coasts of France and ascended to Chief of squadron on January 25, 1794. On September 7, 1795 was given command of a squadron intended to turn around the world, which left Cadiz on 30 November, played in Lima and Manila, and back to Spain Cadiz became the 1 June 1803. He/She had meanwhile been promoted to lieutenant general (November 5, 1802). On February 15, 1805, he/she was appointed Deputy Chief of the fleet, under the command of Gravina. He/She fought at Trafalgar under the command of the Santa Ana, where he/she was severely wounded.

The gran cruz of Carlos III was awarded on October 21, 1805, and died in Gravina, received the command of the Squadron (9 April 1806). He/She fought in the war of independence; He/She was named Governor of Cádiz 6 December 1808 and organized the naval defense of that city commissioned by the Central Board. On February 18, 1810, in the Bay of Cadiz and aboard the Santa Ana, signed its response to the Commissioners of Bonaparte who had urged him to change sides: his position was loyalty to Fernando VII and the Regency Council as the legitimate authority, and trust in the British nation. Member of the Admiralty, was commander general of the colony of Havana on February 26, 1810. He/She attended in Havana the civic procession of the oath of the Constitution on 21 July 1812, although had already ceased in the colony, as of February 5, 1812 he/she had been appointed captain-general of the Department of Cádiz. Minister of the Supreme Council of the Admiralty in August 1814, he/she was awarded the great cross of San Fernando and the of of San Hermenegildo in 1816. Before his death, yet he/she was promoted to captain general of the Navy (24 February 1817) and was Dean of the same Council.


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