Biography of Burhan Alawiya (1941-VVVV)

Born on April 1, 1941 in Arnun Lebanese film director. Cinematically trained at the I.N.S.A.S. of Brussels between 1968 and 1973, Alawiya takes its first steps as a filmmaker with some short films shot in Belgium. In 1974 he/she embarks on the realization of Kafr Qassem, Lebanese co-production that still today can be considered as one of the best films ever made about the Palestinian problem. Thorough reconstruction of the massacre perpetrated by the israeli army in a village in the occupied territories in 1956, the film opts for a quasi-documentary approach stripped of any rhetoric or gimmicky attempts, and is housed in one of the most rigorous political films of the era. Despite the excellent reception of the film, two successive setbacks ideological - that non-artistic - abruptly truncated the promising career of Alawiya. The first one occurs with an yakun Allaah yakfi maa to el-fuqaraa (1976), a splendid documentary about the Egyptian architect Hassan Fathi and the conflict between traditional architectures and the West in the heart of the Arab world, however displeased their sponsors (UNESCO) which was banned in Egypt. The second and more decisive had to do with the reply that his second feature film, Beirtu to liqaa'aat (1982), raised by certain sectors of the intelligentsia Arabic, unsatisfied by its staff and intimate treatment of daily life in war-ravaged Beirut. Since Alawiya - definitely installed in Europe, halfway between Brussels and Paris - only has failed to perform some medium for some chains of television and one of the episodes of the collective film Harb al - Jalyj... wa baad (1991), where he/she is interrogated by the way how the Gulf war live an Arab intellectual expatriates in Paris.


Short films.

1971: Fourriere.1991: to jusuf fi dalmaaa layla (episode of the film to the Jaliy Harb... wa baad; Co-Director).

Medium-length films.

1972: Affiche contre affiche.1985: Risala min zaman al - harb. 1988: Risala min zaman Al - manfaa. 1990: Assouan, a haut barrage sur le Nil.

Feature films.

1974: Kafr Qassem.1976: an yakun Allaah yakfi maa to el-fuqaraa (Co-Director). 1982: Beirut to the liqaa'aat.