Biography of Benito Alazraki (1923-2007)

Director, screenwriter and producer of Mexican cinema, born in Mexico in 1923 and died on June 6, 2007.


Graduated in philosophy and letters and right by the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), he/she took his first steps in the field of literature, writing several books. This way opened you the doors as a screenwriter on films of Emilio Fernández "El Indio", as well as other proposals in the field of documentary film. Roots, his first film, became the benchmark for his work as director, given that its further work went through different levels of commerciality. His look at the tradition and indigenous culture was awarded by the critics at the Cannes Festival in 1955 and released, especially, at the international level. Alazraki worked occasionally in United States (time and contact) and for several years in Spain, especially in television. In the mid-1970s, the film production company of the State settled back into Mexico, where accepted various positions of responsibility in different TV channels, as well as the direction of Conacine.


As director: 1953: raices.1954: the widow (short film). 1956: the lovers; Where are our children? 1957: Robbers of children; Rebel without a House. 1958: The wedding dress; Café Colón; Golden scissors; Hell of souls; Poker of Queens. 1959: Tin Tan and models; The black bull; Invincible guns; The law of guns; The Karambazo sisters; Dangers of youth. 1960: Infernal dolls; From man to man; Who are our crazy; Love to clean shot. 1961: The black tiger; Santo against the zombies; Frankenstein, the vampire and Cia; Spiritism; The pistoleros.1962: A rate of twist; Time and contact. 1969: Bullfighting; Madrid.1970: Young lovers. 1971: The perfect three married. 1976: Balun Canan. 1978: The ghost of the Lake. 1987: The King of taxi drivers; Alice in the country of the dollar. 1989: Sex objects; Above the curtain.

Other works: 1946: Enamorada (co-argumento and integration). 1949: A rebel woman (in love version) (co-argumento).