Biography of Irene Alba (1873-1930)

Spanish actress born in Madrid on September 29, 1873 and died on October 14, 1930. Member of an illustrious family of the Spanish Theatre (was daughter of Pascual Alba and sister of Leocadia), dedicated his entire life to the art of the scene. He/She married Manuel Martínez Caba, who also was part of a recognized series of actors, and his passion for the theatre was perpetuated several generations more thanks to the artistic careers of Irene and Julia Caba Alba daughters and three grandchildren, Julia, Ireneand Emilio Gutiérrez Caba.

Since childhood he/she showed great skills for the representation and made his debut in a company run by his father, who ran the small Andalusian theatres putting in scene 'Género chico' parts as a fight by the fine, on the horns of the bull or candy. With fourteen years he/she joined the company of the theatre of varieties and, along with its sister Leocadia, put their training in the hands of the master Casimiro Espino. The zarzuela lived in those years late nineteenth century its period of maximum splendor and the Alba sisters became standard references in the distributions of the madrilenian theatres. When in January 1888, a fire destroyed the varieties, the company moved to the Teatro Martín and later premiered in the Teatro de la Zarzuela (the Ark of Noah, 1890) and the Apollo, scene of its most popular representations (last year by water, 1889). The ultimate success of Irene Alba came in February 1894 with the verbena de la Paloma, where played the role of caste, while his sister gave life to the Seine' Rita'.

In 1897, Irene and her husband left Spain and toured for five years scenarios Argentine putting in scene works as the House of pleasure or Gabino mayoral. Returning to Spain, he/she premiered the hometown (1907) at the Teatro de la Zarzuela, and like her sister, left the zarzuela to work in comedy at the orders of Tirso Escudero. With the great comedians of the time remained long seasons in the theaters of Madrid, but he/she was at Barcelona where climbed for the last time on stage to represent the very flat at the Poliorama theatre.