Biography of Leocadia Alba (1866-1952)

Spanish actress born in Madrid in 1866 and died in the same city in 1952. Member of one of the most prestigious families of actors of the Spanish scene, like her younger sister Irene, dedicated his entire life to the interpretation. Both very young began his stage career in a small company led by his father, the actor Pascual Alba, who toured parts of zarzuela theatres.

Master Casimiro Espino took acting training the two sisters Alba and to orient his undeniable interpretive skills. Converted into references common in deals of the Madrid scene, in 1894 they lived an unprecedented success with the premiere at the Apollo Theatre of La verbena de la Paloma, masterpiece of the Género chico where Leocadia gave life to the Seine"Rita" and Irene played the role of caste. Despite the man's part, Tomás Bretón, author of the zarzuela, also got a great reception at El Dorado in Barcelona.

Four years earlier, the largest of the Alba sisters had already achieved the public recognition after the premiere, with score of Chueca, the work of Miguel Ramos Carrión white vest, where he/she shared a role with actor Emilio Mesejo.

Changed the lyric comedy genre and also Lara of Madrid reached great successes at the theatre with works as Miss of Trevélez, clear exponent of the grotesque tragedy of success with indisputable cultivated Carlos Arniches.

In the film, Leocadia Alba starred in El genius Alegre (1939), under the direction of Fernando Delgado and alongside actors Antonio Vico, Dolores Astolfi and Fernando Fernández de Córdoba.