Biography of Sermena Alba (s.XIX)

Spanish writer of the 19th century, possibly born in Catalonia, of which further details are not known about his life and work that which awarded the authorship of a drama called Mirallets (mirrors), dating to 1871. The manuscript that has come to us this drama (which, according to the author herself, is a comedy in three acts), currently preserved in the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona, contains another text dated that year, so it seems fair to guess that Mirallets was written in 1871, or a little earlier.

The work, based on agile and effective dialogues, and in an extraordinary dramatic development of the plot presented in the first Act, constitutes an excellent theatrical exercise, what invites to think that Sermena Alba was no rookie in the field performing or literary. Mirallets tells the story of a young physician newly licensed, from a humble social extraction, which is going to marry a young woman belonging to a ruined family of high society. Disappointed with hypocritical and sterile, the better-off life, but also with the pettiness of his social class, young breaks the engagement, leaving an aura of pessimism covering all human, above condition of its social divisions on the tables.


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