Biography of Santiago Alba y Bonifaz (1872-1949)

Spanish politician, born in Zamora on December 24, 1872 and died in 1949. He was Secretary in the Assembly of the Chambers of Commerce of the 20 November 1898. In 1900, he supported the formation of a new party, the National Union. In 1906 he served as Governor of Madrid, by the Liberal Party, and during this year held its first ministerial portfolio. In 1912 he joined public instruction, Canalejas, and in 1915, to Treasury. In 1917, he created his own group, the Liberal left. The national Government he again held the Ministry of public instruction. The fall of Primo de Rivera, Alfonso XIII offered him the Presidency of the Government, but rejected it. He was Deputy in the constituent courts Republican and chaired of the second biennium. In 1935, he attempted to form a Government. At the beginning of the Civil War he was exiled in Portugal. He finally returned to Spain in 1945.


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