Biography of Lorenzo M. Albacete Cintrón (1941-VVVV)

Puerto Rican religious, ninth President of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, born on January 7, 1941. He/She graduated from sacred heart Academy in Santurce (Puerto Rico). He/She did his university studies at the Catholic University in Washington, D.C. where he/she earned his Bachelor of science in aeronautical engineering, in 1962, and a master's degree in space science and applied physics in 1965. Although candidate for Ph.d. in this field was already in 1969, opted to continue his theological studies. After completing the Bachelor of sacred theology, he/she was ordained priest on 17 February 1973 by Cardinal Aponte Martínez in San Juan.

He completed a degree in Sacred Theology at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas, in Rome, in 1982. The following year he/she received the degree of Doctor in Sacred Theology Summa cum Laude from the same institution.

Awarded in many occasions, Monsignor Albacete has excelled in a wide range of activities during his professional career. Most recently he/she was Assistant of the Dean in the Juan Pablo II Institute for studies on marriage and family at the University of Washington, D.C. He/She was also Professor of theology at the sessions in Washington, Rome and Valencia's Institute. He/She has specialized in theological anthropology and Christology, faith and culture. He/She has been consultant of the Committee on Hispanic Affairs of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. He/She has also been consultant on matters of Theology and doctrine in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.

Among its many activities, he/she has given lectures and workshops on theological topics, he/she has held the post of director of spiritual retreats for priests and has directed courses of continuing education for priests and religious, as well as exercise their pastoral duties in the parish of our Lady Queen of the Americas in Washington.

He has seven years of experience of scientific work in aerospace physics. Avid reader, enjoys the friendship of eminent thinkers in fields such as genetics, philosophy, theology, art and culture.