Biography of Laureano Albán (1942-VVVV)

Costa Rican poet, born in Santa Cruz de Turrialba (in the province of Cartago) on January 9, 1942. Central figure in the lyrical panorama of Costa Rica in the last quarter of the 20th century, is one of the most outstanding members of the "Trascendentalista" poetry movement, founded in 1974 by the own Laureano Albán in the company of other illustrious vates of the Central American Republic, like Julieta Dobles (1943), Ronald Bonilla (1951), and Carlos Francisco Monge (1951). His extensive poetic production, lit from a dazzling formal perfection, is a firm attempt to delve into the concerns and emotions of human beings to transcend beyond the feelings, the questionable reality of earthly circumstances surrounding the man.

From their first literary deliveries, Laureano Albán was already as a poet intimate and reflective, formed in the best tradition of Spanish poetry, put all their knowledge and intuitions inquiry service in spiritual domains that are located beyond the everyday concerns of human beings. In those years of the 1960s, which was part of the famous circle of Costa Rican writers along with Jorge Debravo (1938-1967) and Marco Aguilar, Santa Cruz de Turrialba poet gave to print the collection of verses entitled poems on cross (1961), which then would follow other books of poetry so celebrated by the critics and readers of his native country as the voices (1970)Solamerica (1972), shout the light (1977) or labour sonnets (1977). Subsequently, Laureano Albán published new samples of his brilliant poetic work, as the titled legacy of autumn (1980), the threatened voice (1981), although it's night (1983), the endless journey (1983), self-portrait and Transfiguration (1983), all the stones of the wall (1988) and sum of lights (1993).

Resident in Spain for long periods of time, some of the above works have been published by Madrid imprints, as a legacy of the fall (Madrid: Ediciones Rialp, 1980), the endless journey (Madrid: Spanish Agency for international cooperation, 1983), self-portrait and transfigurations (Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, 1983) and sum of lights (Madrid: Fundación Fernando Rielo, 1993).