Biography of Francisco Albani (1578-1660)

Italian painter, who was born in Bologna in 1578 and died in 1660. He/She studied in this city and educated in the Flemish mannerism of Denis Calvaert. Calvaert workshop, he/she joined the Carracci in 1597, while teammate Guido Reni, and participated as an officer in the decorations that made Ludovico and Augustin Carracci between 1597 and 1600. In 1602 he/she moved to Rome and settled near AnĂ­bal Carracci, which occupied him widely in his works, such as the Farnese Gallery and above all in the frescoes of the Spanish Santiago. His prestige is growing as well as the young Reni, with whom acquires some rivalry. He/She worked abundantly in Rome and Bologna, both fresco and oil, creating a personal kind of mythological subject that made him famous easel box. Between 1620 and 1630 emerged stage more fertile and lucky, doing the best parts of all of its production. In 1635 he/she settled in Bologna and made his best compositions of altar. Some of his most popular works such as the wreath of amorini dancing, is among the most copied and imitated throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries works.