Biography of Ignacio Lucas Albarracín (1850-1926)

Argentine lawyer, born in Córdoba on July 31, 1850 and died on April 29, 1926, who was President of the humane society in your country.

Son of Colonel Santiago Albarracín and Flora Roja, both descendants of wealthy families of San Juan, Albarracín studied at the Colegio de Montserrat and graduated with the title of doctor of law from the Faculty of law at the National University of Buenos Aires on May 1, 1873.

Your uncle Domingo F. Sarmiento was President of the Republic Argentina between 1868 and 1874, but he/she did not want to follow the family tradition and was always much more interested in the conservation of nature. Thus, a few years after graduating, he/she took Secretary of the Humane society, which had been founded in 1879.

In 1885 he/she was elected President of the society, Presidency, which remained until the day of his death, which occurred suddenly on April 29, 1926 in Lomas de Zamora. It became, in this way, a tireless fighter against Cockfighting and bullfighting.

He was one of the main precursors of the national law for the protection of animals (more known in the country as the law Sarmiento), finally promulgated on July 25, 1891. This Declaration, which obliges to provide protection to animals, as well as to prevent their abuse and their hunting, was adopted by the International League of the rights of the Animal in 1977 and approved by the United Nations and UNESCO.

Every April 29 is celebrated in Argentina the day of the Animal, to commemorate his death.