Biography of Friedrich August von Alberti (1795-1828)

German geologist born in Stuttgart in 1795 and died in in 1878 Heilbrong, highlighted by the contribution made to the geochronology to characterize the Triassic system of the North of Europe.

He studied in the mountains of his native city student body; in 1828 he/she served as administrator of the salinas de Wilhelmshall, and in the 1850s he/she moved to Friedrichshall mines. He/She introduced improvements in the exploitation of the salt mines, and heating by steam injection, which managed to increase its production.

In 1834 he/she published in Stuttgart Beitrag zu siner Monographie des Bunten Sandsteins, Muschelkalks und Keupers und die Verfindung dieser Gebilde zu enier Formation, work in which Alberti defined Trias as a stratigraphic series, which, in the center of Germany, is comprised by three characteristic formations, which baptized with the names of Buntsandstein, Muschelkalk and Keuper.