Biography of Salomón Alberti (1540-1600)

Anatomic German, who was born in Namburgo in 1540 and died in Dresden in 1600. He/She was Professor at the University of Wittenberg and first physician of Federico Guillermo, guardian of Cristian II, elector of Saxony. He/She discovered the valves of the veins, it unveiled the structure of the bladder, ureters and the renal papillae; He/She made the first accurate description of the tear duct of the snail's ear, the complementary bones of the skull and noted the valve of the colon. His main works are: Disputatio contagiosis morbis; De morbis mesenterii et eius quod qui vocatur pancreas; Ossibus libellus Galeni; The erymis Disputatio; History plerarunque partium corporis humani; Orationes mutitate et surdilate; Scorbuti history and many others.