Biography of Duque de Austria Alberto III (1349-1395)

Duke of Austria, son of Alberto the prudent, who was born in 1349 and died in 1395. He/She inherited the States by death of two brothers older than him, and although his father had established the family Pact by which inherited only one all States. Leopold, younger brother of Alberto not complied and forced him to cede most. Despite his ambition, crashed as his father and his grandfather against Switzerland, and died in a battle, leaving four children, in whose minority Alberto ruled all the States of the House of Habsburg. He/She ruled with skill, adding the Tyrol to their States by means of a successful negotiation. It protected the science and letters and though leaning to peace, had some wars. It helped the inhabitants of Trieste against Venice, seconded to the order Teutonic in a sort of crusade against Prussia, where Christianity was not yet deeply rooted and, finally came, in Bohemia with an army to support the nobles against the King, when he/she was attacked from a sudden illness, which died at the age of forty-six.