Biography of Cardenal de Magdeburgo y de Maguncia Alberto V (¿-1545)

Cardinal Archbishop of Magdeburg and Mainz, who died in 1545. He/She was the son of Juan, elector of Brandenburg and was elected in 1513. Named cardinal in 1518, crowned the year 1520 in Aachen to Carlos I of Spain, as Emperor of Germany. Contributed effectively in the diet of Worms in 1521, to banish Luther of the Empire. Did the war all his life to Lutheranism, increasingly invading more States of Germany, and finally, the year of 1539 was forced to grant to the cities of Magdeburg and Halberstadt, the exercise of this religion, but with the clause that the churches and monasteries would continue as they were. He/She ended his life in the castle of Aschaffenburgo.