Biography of Duque de Austria Alberto V (1398-1439)

Duke of Austria, known as the emperor with the name Alberto II; He/She was born in 1398 and died in 1439. He/She was seven years old when he/she died his father Alberto IV, which was under the guardianship of his uncles Ernesto, Guillermo and Leopoldo, or rather under the latter only, until the people revolted and requested that Alberto will govern only. He/She began organizing the Administration and the exercise of Justice in a way that became proverbial. Married the daughter of the Emperor Sigismundo, which dragged him to the Hussite war, disastrous war, which Avenged its defeats with horrible cruelties on the populations. The death of Sigismund was proclaimed King of Bohemia and Hungary, and later emperor of Germany. He/She continued to rule the Empire with the same ability that had been manifested in their States, but, unexpectedly, had to go to defend Hungary, threatened by the victorious armies of the sultan Amurates II, and having declared the dysentery among his troops, died of the infection in a village in Hungary. He/She pursued a bloody way Jews, of whom did burn more than a thousand, and others many are killed, being all their confiscated property.