Biography of Francisco José Albini (1748-1816)

German diplomat. Came into the political career in Würzburg, where he/she was appointed in 1774 Advisor to the House of Justice, in 1787 went on to play the position of intimate referendario of the Empire, in 1789 it was diplomatic agent in various German courts, in 1792 he/she arranged with the French capitulation in Mainz, in 1797 took part in conferences of Rastadt and was responsible in 1802 of the direction of the business of the electorate of Mainz, close to the diet of Ratisbon. The allied powers entrusted in 1813 the post of Chairman of the Committee responsible of managing the Grand Duchy of Frankfurt, and then entered the service of Austria, whose Emperor appointed him his Minister Plenipotentiary to the German diet, which should preside over as it had done in Rastadt and Regensburg, but he/she died of fatigue before his role.