Biography of Decio Clodio Albino (s. II)

Roman General in the time of Marcus Aurelius and comfortable which was under the command of the legions of Britain; It was son of Celenio Postumio and Aurelia Mesalina, rancid lineage but not goods. After an alliance with the Emperor Septimio Severus, who had defeated the pretender, Pescenio Niger, Albino was betrayed by him. Unleashed a new civil war, Albino aspired to the imperial throne, but he/she was defeated and, perhaps, commanded beheaded in the year 198 near Lyon. News, subjection in legendary material, on the military say that the nickname came you from the white of his head; In addition, let cruel reputation, by what was called new or second Catiline. There is evidence that affect their expertise as literary, as it would have made some Milesianas and some Georgics.