Biography of Carmen Alborch Bataller (1947-VVVV)

Spanish politics, born in Castellon de Rugat (Valencia) on October 31, 1947, who was Minister of culture during the last term of the PSOE. He/She studied law at the University of Valencia, where the PhD extraordinary award in 1973, and from there went to the Institute of public law of Rome for further studies. In 1970 began teaching business law at the University, in 1977 was an Assistant Professor, and in 1984 he/she was appointed Professor. A year later he/she was elected Dean and the following year, despite having been re-elected to the post, abandoned him to be Director general of culture of the autonomous community of Valencia. From 1987 to 1993 he/she was Managing Director from the Valencian Institute for the performing arts, cinematography, and music, and in 1988 he/she was appointed general director of cultural institutes of the Ministry of culture, education and science, and Managing Director from the Valencian Institute of modern art.

The work of Alborch has ever directed to join Valencia in the world of culture, promoting world-class exhibitions and trying to bring together the best artists of the time to spin. In 1993, he/she was appointed by the then President of the Spanish Government, Felipe González, to deal with the culture portfolio. From his responsibilities in this position has tried to protect parcels from the world of the arts who had tried to form very side so far, such as cinema, computing and cultural heritage posed by certain museums or cathedrals. Some of the more controversial aspects of its mandate were the extension of the Madrid Prado Museum or the works of the Royal Theatre, also in the aforementioned city. In 1996 he/she was elected member of the PSOE by Valencia and left his ministerial post when this political formation was defeated by the opposition party, PP. renewed his seat in 2000, and during this legislature, was elected Chairman of the Committee of RTVE in the Congress.

In addition to being co-owner of an art gallery in the city of Valencia, Alborch has published several books, which include actions without vote (1974), voting rights and conflict of interest (1975), evolution and situation of the right to vote (1976), the shareholder voting rights: special cases (1977), Italy (1985) regional financial companiesThe defense of the consumer in the European Economic Community (1986) and Solas (1999) a novel which speaks of single women and carrying the explanatory subtitle of joys and shadows of a way of life. In 2002 he/she returned to the publishing scene with bad, rivalry and complicity among women. Two years later he/she published free.

The numerous prizes and awards that has been honored throughout his professional career include the medal to the merit of the order of San Raimundo de Peñafort, the Daedalus 1989 Award - awarded by Madrid newspaper Diario 16-, the Gredos 94 award, annual of the Hispanic Festival of London award, the Medal of Cultural distinction of the Ministry of culture of Cuba and homage that treated him to the Academy of Arts and Sciences Spanish.