Biography of Gil Álvarez de Albornoz (1300-1367)

Archbishop of Toledo, Cardinal and statesman. He/She was born in Cuenca (1300) and died in Viterbo (1367). He/She was one of the main supports of the King Alfonso XI in their fight against the marinids, by which the monarch conferred him some ecclesiastical dignities, especially, the Archbishopric of Toledo. Fruitful ecclesiastic Organizer, maximum clerical concern was always a deep concern by the customs, moral and cultural level of the Spanish ecclesiastical establishment, which had the tacit support of the royalty. However, his luck suffered a sudden change with the arrival in power of Pedro I (1350), as the monarch's relations with his lover, María de Padilla, shocked the conquense prelate. As a result, Gil de Albornoz left Castile, taking refuge in the papal court of Avignon under the auspices of which would be his great protector: the Pope Clement VI, who appointed him Cardinal and gave him a seat on its Board. It was reduced to obedience some Italian provinces that had rebelled against the papal authority, and was one of the founders of the Spanish School in Rome. When he/she died (1367) moved his remains from Viterbo to Toledo, according to his last will, and became nearly Regal funeral by order of King Henry II to honor his memory.