Biography of Familia Albret (1050-1642)

French family in the region of Gascony that descends from Amanieu I, Lord, in 1050 the fortress that gives its name to the family.

In 1401 Amanieu VIII was married to Margarita de Borbón, sister-in-law of Carlos V, which established the kinship with the French Royal House. The son of this marriage, Carlos, was akin to the Armagnac and fought alongside them in the battle of Agincourt in which he/she died.

Alano el Grande (1450-1522) was one of the most prominent members of this House. He/She married Francisca de Châtillon by what became the count of Périgord and Castres and Viscount of Limoges. He/She supported the cause of Francisco II against Luis XI. It aspired to the hand of the daughter of the first, but being refused, gave Nantes the troops of the King in 1491. His son and heir, Juan II, married Catherine of Foix in 1486, becoming, through marriage, King of Navarre. He/She tried to oppose claims of Fernando el Católicoon Navarre, which allied itself with France, but in 1512 the Duke of Alba expelled him in his French dominions.

The Albert continued to govern the French Navarre, in 1548 Juana III was married to Antonio of Bourbon , and their son, Henry IV, inherited the assets of their parents, annexed the possessions of the Albret of the monarchy. The last descendant of the House of Albret was the military Cesar-febo of Albret , who died in 1676.