Biography of Madeleine Albright (1937-VVVV)

Nationalized US policy, born in 1937 in Prague (Czechoslovakia, today Czech Republic). His real name is María Jana Korbel, but it is internationally known by its current name of Madeleine Albright; the name adopted him at the age of ten, and Albright surname retains it, despite being divorced, since, in 1959, he/she married a U.S. citizen. While small, they told him that he/she was born in a Czech Catholic family, he/she soon discovered that he/she was the daughter of Jews exterminated by the nazis in a concentration camp; Since then, its purpose of combating any totalitarianism has become motor that has led her to the highest offices of the US administration. However, this was no obstacle to see with good eyes the armed intervention of the United States in the Persian Golfo Guerra.

Graduate of Columbia University, he/she was Ambassador of the United States at the UN, and later formed part of the Security Council during the administration of Jimmy Carter. Currently (1997) is the Secretary of State of the Government presided over by William Clinton, responsible for the foreign policy of his country. He/She is the woman who has served as major in the history of the American administration.