Biography of Emilio Alcalá-Galiano y Valencia (1831-1914)

Politician and Spanish diplomat, born in Madrid on March 9, 1831 and died in the same city in 1914. It was Ambassador in America (United States and Mexico) and Europe (England and Portugal) in different stages, and participated in the work of Government as a member of the moderate party, first, with the conservative party, then. It belonged to the academies of the language, jurisprudence and political science, and Morales.

Diplomatic politician: Deputy, Minister of State and Senator

He first worked as a diplomat, residing in various countries: in 1854 was added in the Embassy of Spain in Washington; Secretary of the Mexico in 1855 and equal charge in 1856 in London and in 1859 in Lisbon. He/She then joined in the moderate party, acting as a member between 1859 and 1866. In 1875 was Minister of State in the Government of Joaquín Jovellar, and in 1876 Senator for Granada. Soon after, he/she joined the conservative party, led by Cánovas de Castillo; He/She was appointed Senator for life in 1877 and later returned to his old diplomatic dedication as Minister Plenipotentiary at Lisbon and then in London from 1895 to 1897, date they resigned to climb to power the Liberal Party.

Academic and Aristocrat. Works

It was also Counselor of State and instruction public and a member of the academies of science policy and moral, jurisprudence, of the Spanish language, and other foreign, and the Ateneo de Madrid. He/She received the titles of count de Casa - Valencia and Viscount of the pontoon, in addition to numerous Spanish and foreign decorations. Among his works are: political freedom in England since the end of the 15th century until 1838; Political freedom in England at the present time; Several speeches; Reply documented to the speech of Mr wall in Congress, on July 26, 1899; My two trips to America (1898); Historical studies; Memories of youth (1831-1854); and obituary of the poet Zorrilla.


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