Biography of Bernardo "Licenciado de Falces" Alcalde Merino (1709-?)

Bullfighter Spanish, born in Falces (Navarra) in 1709. In the planet of the bulls, it is known by its nickname of "Degree of Falces".

Born in a noble family, he/she received a careful education which allowed him to obtain the academic ranking that would then be used as bullfighting nickname. His first successful performance, still as an amateur, took place during the pamplonicas Festival of 1744 (is known that you became receivable, on that occasion, two hundred forty Reals). His reputation for long, easy and powerful torero (working with the rehiletes, brave putting patches to the bulls and reckless when it was obvious) reached the same don Francisco Goya y Lucientes, who immortalized it in his famous series of prints known as bullfighting.