Biography of Francisco "Paco Alcalde" Alcalde Morcillo (1951-VVVV)

Bullfighter Spanish, born on November 4, 1951 in Alamillo (Ciudad Real). On the planet of the bulls, it is known for its hypocorism "Paco Alcalde" name.

It took the alternative in the Monumental de Barcelona, on April 14, 1974, at the hands of his godfather, Francisco Romero López ("Curro Romero"), which gave him a horned of don Juan María Pérez Tabernero iron. He/She acted on that occasion as a witness in the also toricantano school Carlos Martín ("Frascuelo"). The following year, on May 21, confirmed her doctorate in the Monumental de Las Ventas in Madrid, during the celebration of the cycle of isidriles runs. It was on that occasion his godfather the seasoned Bullfighter Francisco Ruiz Miguel, who gave him a bull of the livestock of don Lisardo Sánchez in the presence of the witness Pedro Gutiérrez Moya ("child of the Capea").

Torero irregular, capable of alternating dream wins with resounding failures, saw how his name was losing record in posters to appear announced, starting from 1994, as banderillero. It should be noted that, being still bullfighter, already had stood by its enormous ease with the rehiletes, as it was able to Pierce them the bull after it quoted sitting on a Chair.