Biography of Baltasar de Alcázar (1530-1606)

Spanish poet of converso origin, who was born in Seville and died in round. Throughout his life devoted it to the study of Humanities. He/She served as military orders of the Marquis of Santa Cruz and held various positions in the administration of the State. His work is preserved thanks to F. Pacheco; he/she collected epigrams (therefore called him the "Seville martial"), sonnets and love poems, humorous and burlesque tone (with abundant misogynist type satire). Notable poems "Jocular dinner" or "to two salemas", written in the manner of Horace and martial. In 1605, the writer Pedro Espinosa published in Valladolid a vast and celebrated volume entitled flowers of poets distinguished in Spain, where Nineteen of his own works, thirty-six of Góngora, Quevedo, eighteen Lupercio Leonardo de Argensola, nineteen six, seven of Lope de Vega of Baltasar de el Alcázar and many others are collected from Juan de Valdés and MelendezJuan de Arguijo and other authors of lower category, along with compositions of poets dead and Camoens, Luis de León y Barahona de Soto. This anthology gives us a good idea of what was considered as the best lyric poetry of the time, so it is a magnificent means of weighing the poetry of Alcazar; However, much of his work remained unpublished until our century, when it was rescued by Rodríguez Marín (1910).

Baltasar de Alcázar. Light-hearted dinner.

Baltasar de Alcázar. I remember to tell you a secret.