Biography of Santiago Alcobé Noguer (1903-1977)

Writer and Spanish anthropologist born and died in Barcelona. He/She studied medicine and natural sciences at the University of Barcelona and was a disciple of Telesforo de Aranzadi, who was succeeded in the Chair of anthropology of the University of Barcelona. It was one of the first and most important scholars of Spanish physical anthropology: it introduced methods and orientations that were current in Europe, played a fruitful teaching and was a founder of which was called School of anthropology in Barcelona. He/She is especially interested in applied to Ethnology, prehistory and archaeology coming to head the section anthropobiology of the Institute of Bernardino de Sahagún of the CSIC and the center of Animal genetics and human of Barcelona. In addition, conducted extensive campaigns of field in the Pyrenees, on the Spanish Sahara and in Guinea. He/She wrote numerous articles which were published in the most important Spanish and international magazines of their specialty and is the author of a guide to the anthropological study of the prehistoric populations of Spain, (1954).


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