Biography of Benjamín Cayetano Alcocer (ca. 1760 -?)

Military origin Spanish, although born in Tiagno (Naples), about the year 1760.

He began his military career in infantry regiment which he/she joined as a cadet on June 27, 1786. Since October 1, 1786 until October 11, 1788 he/she studied mathematics at the Academy of Barcelona.

In 1790 he/she participated along with his regiment in the relief of Oran, which defended until 1791. In 1794 he/she took part in the war against the French Republic from the front of Catalonia. In 1801 he/she attended the campaign of Portugal. By his intervention in such actions, he/she received promotion to captain on April 17, 1804.

Because of an accident he/she suffered in 1807 (came late to the doctrinal office), he/she was severely punished by Colonel François de la Rocque and had to comply with arrest in San Cristóbal de Badajoz Fort though, however, he/she was soon released and couldn't attend Portugal intended to take the help of Junot, Chief of the army intended to invade that Kingdom.

In the course of the Spanish war of independence, was taken prisoner at the battle of Rioseco, which took place July 11, 1808; He/She managed to escape and to rejoin his regiment, earned the promotion to Sergeant major of the regiment of Castile. You may 26, 1811 he/she reached the rank of Colonel. It was again made prisoner on 8 January 1812 in the surrender of Valencia. On this occasion he/she could not escape and remained a prisoner in France until May 25, 1814.

In 1815 it was head of Lion militia regiment as sergeant major of that body, he/she remained until March 15, 1818, date in which it obtained removal. He/She had several crosses of distinction, among them the San Hermenegildo, and San Fernando.


General Archives Milter of Segovia.

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