Biography of famila Alconstantini (800-1232)

Important family of courtiers Jews from the Crown of Aragon which for some time, came to occupy the positions of greater responsibility of the Catalan aljamas (among them that of nasi or «Prince»), protected by the Royal authority. As it was tradition in these families, its members used to receive a solid formation in Al-Andalus, Arabic and Hebrew culture, and were supporters of an open attitude and the study of philosophy among the Jews. At the beginning of the 13th century, and in the context of the controversy over the work of Maimonides, is given a strong popular reaction against the privileges of those families, that were openly on the side of the partisans of the philosopher of Córdoba. Nahmanides frontally oppose its prerogatives and would get that Jaime I rejected, in 1232, the pretensions of the Alconstantini constitute itself as the Supreme authority of all the Jews of the Crown of Aragon. Moisés Alconstantini was dancing and Pedro III alfaquim, but did not enjoy the sympathy of the members of the community of Zaragoza. Years later, Salomon Constantini got that Queen of Castile intervened in 1292 in his favor to Jaime II of Aragon, although it failed its purpose.


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