Biography of Cosme de Aldana (1537-1578)

Spanish writer born in Valencia (ca. 1537-1578). Brother of the poet Francisco de Aldana, following the death of this edited his work, between 1589 and 1591; However, many textual problems arising from her aroused complaints from Quevedo, in love with the great poets of the 16th century, who edited several times. In the same year published a poem in Florence: Discorso against il vogo, in cui with buone raggioni if riprovano IL sue false on opinions, which, later revised and translated with the title of invective against the vulgar and your slander. He/She left his position at the service of the Medici in Florence, and joined the staff of the great Constable Velasco, in Milan. He/She wrote many sonnets with flattery towards Velasco and this fired him after insulting him. He/She then wrote the epic parody Asneyda, comic play about the most common needs of people; However, Velasco agents destroyed it before that were extiendiera via handwritten or editase. It is currently given as lost and is only known by an allusion of Suárez de Figueroa in his Passagero. He/She is also the author of sonnets and octaves as a Lamentation for the death of his brother the captain Francisco de Aldana (1587).