Biography of Daniel Aldana (1830-1911)

Military and Colombian politician, born in blanket (Cundinamarca) 1831 or 1832 and died on September 25, 1911 in Santafe de Bogota. He/She studied in the Colegio de San Bartolomé and then received the title in law. It was initially established in Honda (Tolima), where he/she began to write articles in the press in defense of liberal ideas.

As military, it participated in several actions in the service of the Republic such as the revolution of 1860, and in the siege of San Agustín in 1862. He/She campaigned against the guerrillas of Guasca (Cundinamarca) and confronted the guerrilla Roman Carranza, considered the more cruel and cunning that took Colombia. In 1876 and 1877 carried out campaigns in the West and the political life began in 1866, arriving at different positions, which include its participation in the Assembly and Senate in Cundinamarca, and in the House of representatives; that of Governor of Cundinamarca, as the second designated; the Presidency of Antioquia (1877-1878) and the Cundinamarca (1882-1885). Some of his works were the construction of the railroad from Savannah, and of the final Cambao.A of 1877 road attended the Constitutional Convention of the State of Antioquia. He/She was banished by the heads of the regeneration and eight years later was presented in the liberal camp. In the war of the three years, when he/she went to revolutionize the Valle de Tenza, he/she was arrested and led to Santafé de Bogotá. He/She died poor after intervene actively in politics.