Biography of Lorenzo de Aldana (¿-1557)

Spanish conquistador born in Extremadura (exact date and place unknown) and died in Arequipa, in 1557. He/She conquered for Spain the Peru, and was sent by Francisco Pizarro to Sebastián de Belalcázar. He/She founded the city of Pasto, in the current Colombia.

Lorenzo de Aldana came to America with the hosts exists; He/She made outstanding companies in the conquest of Peru, which deserved the confidence of Pizarro. When the latter heard Belalcázar had disobeyed his orders to penetrate through the North of Quito toward Colombia, it instructed Aldana with the title of Commissioner judge to arrest him and return to Lima. Aldana followed their footsteps and came to Popayan, city founded by Belalcazar, where there was an interim Governor appointed by him, Francisco García de Tovar (1538-39). The city suffered from hunger and epidemics and contemplated the depopulation of its fields. Aldana presented his title but failed to take news of Belalcázar until it was Juan Cabrera with the new that had participated in the founding of Bogotá and had undertaken then travel to Spain in the company of Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada and Nicolás Federmann. Aldana then presented credentials Pizarro authorizing him to undertake the Government of Popayan, who managed without any problems. After confirming the captains in their charges, he/she went to Cali with Jorge Robledo, who ordered to explore the lands of Anserma and then authorized to establish some populations. Aldana strengthened the Government of Popayan and undertook after return to Quito, to duly inform Pizarro. Arriving at the pasture, it was considered convenient to establish a population that serve as a link between the new towns of southern Colombia (Popayán and Cali) and Quito. At the end of 1539 erected on the site of Guacanquer the town of Villaviciosa de grass or San Juan de Pasto, as noted by the chronicler, Cieza de Leon, within the territory of the quillazinga Indians. Captain Pedro de Puelles moved it to its current location the following year. The founding act, if it came into existence is not known. The first chapter books of grass are of 1560. Aldana returned to the Peru and avecindó in Arequipa, where he/she died in 1557. It is an unusual Conqueror's case, as he/she died without heirs instituted that assets will be the Indians who had touched him in cast.


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