Biography of Ignacio Aldecoa Isai (1925-1969)

Novelist and Spanish storyteller with a clear evolution of Existentialism after the Civil war and Mundial Guerra II towards the social neorrelismo of post-war. He/She was born in Vitoria, in 1925, and died in Madrid, on November 15, 1969. If some see Camilo José Cela the best writer of the first generation of postwar, Ignacio Aldecoa is the best writer of the second generation said. He/She married the writer Josefina Rodríguez. He/She composed two books of poetry: still life (1947) and book of algae (1949); He/She then devoted himself to the narrative. His first novel, the glare and the blood (1954), finalist for the Planeta Prize in 1954, he/she explored the reality of Spain through five civil guards-married women; the other two novels that compose the trilogy La Spain still try to Gypsies: with the wind solano (1956) and Gran Sol (1957). In 1958 he/she wrote a novel about the world of bulls, which remains unpublished and titled wells. He/She also wrote part of a story (1967), which uses the first person. Among his short stories, it should be noted the following: eve of silence (1955), waiting for third class (1955), Caballo de pica (1961), archaeology (1962), Neutral corner (1962), birds and scarecrow (1963) and the birds of Baden Baden (1965). In 1961, he/she wrote of Godo and, in 1962, the Basque country, two travel books. Their complete stories in two volumes were published in 1973.