Biography of Luis Aldrete y Soto (s. XVII)

Spanish scientist, that unknown is his date of birth and death, important for his studies of Alchemy, astrology, and medicine. His most splendid period unfolded in Malaga, between 1680 and 1683.

Perpetual Alderman of the city of Málaga and sheriff of the Inquisition, had traveled by Italy and other European countries, where has had associated with alchemists and iatro-chemicals. He/She formulated a system consisting of a combination of the alchemists ideas with speculative interpretations of the revelation based on astrology. The appearance of the Comet of 1680 and 1682 took it as a complement of the prophetic revelations of San Juan, presuming to have discovered with his compositions the universal medicine, which I call "water of life".

The works of Aldrete, published between 1681 and 1683, they contained furious attacks on classical authors and prompted one of the most bitter controversies of the time. Attacked it traditionalists modern as the doctors Juan Guerrero and Andrés Gómez, which highlighted their astronomical calculations errors and the lack of robustness of their chemical knowledge. It criticized him too, from the uncompromising traditionalism, Andrés Dávila and Heredia. Defended it authors of your same mentality, notably Luis Amigo and Beltran, possessor of a manuscript with a translation Spanish commented de lapide philosophico attributed to Paracelso. The apology (1682) who wrote Amigó in favor of the "water of life" Aldrete, is a text of such importance within the Spanish Alchemy of the era such as the works of this. Involved both in a trend sharply allegorical and occultist, rely more than on Paracelso in the writings of this character to it attributed. In this way, Amigó does not hesitate to identify the "water of life" Aldrete with 'holy stone of Paracelsus'.



Aldrete printed and handwritten works have been catalogued by Simón Díaz, vol. V, Madrid, CSIC, 1958, pp. 116-118 the three most important are the following: defence of astrology, and conjecture by the Apocalypsi..., Madrid, L. A. de Bedmar, 1681. Pursue truth in human and divine lyrics, Valencia, B. Marcé, 1682. Melting pot of the truth..., s. l., s. i., 1683.Recientemente has published an anthology of his writings, with introduction by José Manuel Valles, papers on the water of life and the end of the world, Madrid, Editora Nacional, 1979.


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