Biography of Carmen Aldunate (1940-VVVV)

Chilean painter, born in Viña del Mar in 1940, one of the most outstanding representatives of the art of the new figuration in Chile, along with compatriots Mario Carreño, Mario Toral or Rodolfo Opazo. The most characteristic of his work is the treatment of the figure human, especially female, steeped in a Renaissance style that evokes the Flemish masters from the 15th century or the Italian madonnas of the Quattrocento.

It carried out studies of art in the schools of fine arts of the University of Santiago and the Catholic University of Chile, subsequently completed with the performance of a post of Assistant in the art Department of the University of California. Her professional career as a teacher of drawing and painting has been developed mainly at the Catholic University, but also in private schools and academies. The artistic career of Aldunate underwent a noticeable evolution since he/she presented his first creations at the beginning of the 1960s. At this time, still in search of a personal style, his pictures follow international trends of abstraction. It won two awards at the fair of plastic arts and the Interuniversity contest of Santiago (1962) and exhibit a year later in the Central Gallery of the Chilean capital.

He later ventured in figuring without defined by a particular style, to gradually sharpen an art that surprises by its apparent blankness; Indeed, his human figures, presented under a classical aesthetic, the poses and robes of his characters reminiscent of the low middle ages or the Renaissance, seem to not transmit anything and are placed in the scene as mere decorative objects that are repeated insistently hardly unimportant. The stuffy faces, closer to masks, however reveal a particular psychological introspection that was not new in the painterly Expressionism: the absence of life on the stroke as a means to reflect a certain State of mood, usually of anguish and pain. Still, in his painting the formal aspects, in particular the drawing and the purely decorative nature of the color, prevails over any other consideration and tends, in a way, to "drown" the subjectivity of the work.

The work of Carmen Aldunate has exhibited mainly in Chile and other South American countries (Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, etc), as well as in the United States; in this last held two solo exhibitions in 1985: form of Miami and MOSS of San Francisco galleries. In 1995 the Galeria Tomás Andreu de Santiago de Chile held a large retrospective of his work. Received awards include first prizes for drawing of the official Salon (1974) and the Valparaiso Biennale (1975), or the first prize at the Biennale of Cali (Colombia) in 1981.