Biography of Girolamo Aleandro (1480-1542)

Italian Cardinal, called the elder or the eldest, born in 1480 and died in 1542. One of the men was more scholars of his time. He/She was an expert in ancient languages, mathematics, astronomy, and music. He/She was rector of the University of Paris, Chancellor of the Bishop of Li├Ęge, Librarian of the Vatican and Archbishop of Brindisi. He/She attended the diet of Worms to combat the doctrines of Luther, was found at the battle of Pavia, and fell prisoner with Francisco I. He/She found also in Rome when he/she was assaulted by the Imperials. He/She was named Cardinal by Paul III in 1158, dignity that only enjoyed four years. He/She wrote many works that remain unpublished; only published a Lexicon graeco-latinum and some Latin poetry.