Biography of Queen of Israel Alejandra Salomé (76-67 a.C.)

(Alexandra Shaloma or Salma or Salina) Hasmonean Queen in Israel. It was the first wife of Aristobulus I;Aristobulo2, King asmonean, considered a benefactor of Judea; died this in 103 BC without having had offspring, married his brother-in-law Alejandro Jannaeus, who handed the high priesthood and Royal dignity. To the death, who had to Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II, and following their advice, delivered the corpse of her husband to the Pharisees, who, despite his visceral enemy for many years, dispensed it a solemn funeral ceremony.

Alejandra took power in 76 BC; He/She ruled with tact and intelligence, while the priestly office gave it to her son Hyrcanus II, deferring to her other son Aristobulus II, who commissioned military tasks. The Queen had to compromise both with the Sadducees - supporters - the Pharisees, who, in addition to avenge the past calamities caused by the bloody Alejandro Janneo, were able to develop their religious and legal activities and get into true drivers of the Jewish Sanhedrin. The Government of Alejandra Salome, which became known moments of tranquility, it was threatened by Tigranes, King of Armenia, who sprang on Syria and even occupy the coastal town of Ptolemaida. Despite calls for peace and gifts sent by the Queen, Tigranes continued in his invasion; However, at the news that Roman troops had invaded their Armenian territories, he/she abandoned his conquering enterprise. Those moments were exploited by Aristobulus II, which was delayed and who feared a coup from the hands of the Pharisees addicted to his mother, and took by force twenty-two fortresses in only fifteen days. The Queen, now elderly, could not react and died shortly after. According to the law, her son Hyrcanus II succeeded him in power, but his brother Aristóbulo II, known by Josephus, had no difficulties to abdicate at the end of three months of Government.