Biography of Alejandro de Lincesto (¿-330 a.C.)

Son of Aeropus, who was accused of complicity in the death of Philip, King of Macedonia. Alejandro forgave him and entrusted him with the command of the troops in Thrace. However, he conspired to seize the scepter belonging to his family before the reign of Amyntas II. With this object he was in correspondence with Darius, who assured him the throne when it fell into the hands of Alejandro Magno, an emissary of that King. He was forgiven, but it is locked him in a prison. Three years later, to the imposition of the death penalty to Filotas for the same crime, the Macedonians demanded that Alejandro Lincesto, were also executed as it was, in fact, 330 years before J. C.