Biography of King of Escocia Alejandro I (ca. 1080-1124)

British Aristocrat, King of Scotland between 1107 and 1124. He/She was born around 1080 and died in April 1124, probably in his Scottish mansion in Stirling, in the homonymous County. He/She was the third son of Malcolm III Canmore and Queen Margaret (Santa Margarita de Escocia), and succeeded his brother Edgar after the death, in the 1107. In spite of this, the testament of Edgard entailed the partition of the Kingdom in two: the first part, and more extensive, corresponded to the ancient Kingdom escoto of Dalriada and it was that Alejandro; ruled the southern part, between the ancient Kingdom of Strathclyde, as well as some areas of Lothian and Cumbria, happened to be governed by his brother David.

The reign of Alejandro was characterized, in the beginning, by friendship with his greatest rival, English King Henry I, harmony-based, mainly, in marriage that Alejandro married Sibylla, illegitimate daughter of Henry. Even today, it is a topic of discussion among historians British if Alejandro had a relationship of vassalage, within the terms of feudalism, with Enrique I, though the facts seem to assert it. Thus, it could be interpreted the presence of the own Alejandro in 1114, at the head of Scottish troops in the military campaigns which the English army carried out by Wales, with the aim of submitting the small country in the South to British obedience. However, advocates of the absence of this Scottish relationship against England is based on Alejandro fierce attitude to the English desire to absorb the Scottish ecclesiastical structure, secularly set in the time of St. Columba, and the monastery of Iona as a main reference. Alejandro always was contrary to these desires, as well as keeping the Royal power in the appointment of Bishops for Scotland.

The brief reign of Alejandro, characterized by the peace in general, allowed certain Scottish rural economy boom, although the struggles by the religious question conllevasen any other brief skirmish war, especially in the territories of the border with England. The relationship with his brother David, ruler of the other half of the country, was at the same time, perfect harmony and individual distinction of issues relating to their respective territories. In essence, Alejandro was a King who had the support of the powerful Scottish clans, especially the MacDuncan and MacGregor, who preferred to David for this have been educated in England and having Norman customs. However, the death of Alejandro, in the 1124, his brother David returned to unify the great Scotland under his Government, and also attracted support from the Scottish clan.


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