Biography of Alejandro II. Papa (1061-1073)

It was Pope from 1061 to 1073, as successor of Nicolás II. He/She reformed the Customs and strengthened the independence of the Church regarding the Empire, opposed to Enrique IV. His death happened San Gregorio VII. Anselmo de Baggio, a native of Baggio (Milan) was called. He/She was staunch supporter of reforming Cluniac. He/She lived long in the Court of Enrique III. He/She was elected Bishop of Luca in 1056 or 57. The imperial party in Rome, according to the Empress Agnes, mother and tutor of Enrique IV, opposed his election and elected Pope to Cadalvo, Bishop of Parma, with her name Honorio II. Alejandro fought with this antipope to obtain full possession of the pontificate. His Government gave thrust to the rejorma of the Church and its emancipation of secular power. It passed to the Bishops of France objected to the murder of Jews; He/She managed to Enrique IV back to join his legitimate wife, Berta of Susa; He/She ordered him to go to Rome to ask for forgiveness for the simonias had committed to selling ecclesiastical charges and other crimes. Forced the Normans to restore land that had been taken away from him. He/She died in the Palace of Lateran, in Rome, in 1073.