Biography of King of Macedonia Alejandro IV (¿-323 a.C.)

King of Macedonia, son of Alejandro III and Roxana. He/She was born the year 323 BC, shortly after the death of his father was proclaimed King in Babylon and, from there, led to Europe with her mother and the Regents Python and Arrideo. Eurydice, woman, took over the Government, and expelled Rojana and his son; but aided by Polispercon, tutor of the young Alejandro, they returned to Macedonia, made to kill Arrideo and Euriice, and the Government was put in the hands of Polispercon and Olympia, mother of Alejandro the large. But the following year fell Casandro, ally of Eurydice, which made killing for Olimpia, locked in a prison to Alejandro and Rojana, to the family and made them poison in 310 BC, being owner of the Empire.