Biography of Manuel Alejandro (1935-VVVV)

Composer of huge success and great production, Spanish born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1935 with the real name of Manuel Álvarez Beigbeder. He/She inherited from his father, Germán A. Beigbeder, the love of music and devoted himself to this art in its most varied from very young facets: has been a composer, arranger, Orchestra director, producer... and even vocalist soloist, unique facet this last that has failed.

He earned his first big successes as a composer of a large part of the Repertoire of Raphael, artist with whom he/she formed one of the most creative teams in the history of Spanish music. For Raphael wrote a multitude of songs, which include "Yo soy aquél" or "Let's talk about love," which competed in the Eurovision festival the years 1966 and 1967. Alejandro was also the composer of "Manuela", which finally played Julio Iglesias (although it was not the initial recipient), with what began a collaboration that culminated in the album a single man, which earned him Julio Iglesias a Grammy in the Latin section.

Alejandro is also the author of various topics of Nino Bravo, Massiel, Rocío Jurado ("Lady", "as I love you", "If the sun rises"), Jeanette ("Soy rebelde"), Marisol ("Girl", "Ballad for the solitude of my guitar"), Blanca Villa (hence "I send my guitar") and a long etcetera.

Today, it is one of the authors most collected by rights of karaoke. As a soloist, has published a series of recordings that have had little acceptance, despite contain very peculiar issues. In 1980 adapted for organ and Orchestra such classics as "Pichi", or selected fragments of La verbena de la Paloma and Luisa Fernanda. Three years later, he/she did the same with well known fragments of zarzuela. In that vein, is a clear continuation of the work of Waldo the Ríos and forerunner of the Luis Cobos.


38 years. 1973 song to life. 1974. again the organ. 1980. The zarzuela. 1983 Manuel Alejandro and his large Orchestra. 1984.