Biography of Dinastía. Alejo (???)

Dynasty of Byzantine emperors and despots of Epiro, Wallachia and the Thessaly. Core members are:

- Alexios III, born in the middle of the 11th century and died in 1210. Byzantine Emperor (1195-1203), grandson of Constantine, he/she dethroned and ordered blinded his brother Isaac II. In 1203 Constantinople he/she lost to his nephew Alejo IV. He/She fled to Asia minor, where his son-in-law, the Emperor Theodore I Laskaris, Emperor of Nicaea, imprisoned him until his death.- The young Alexios IV, born around 1182 in Constantinople, and died in 1204. Emperor of Byzantium (1203-1204), son of Isaac II. He/She was imprisoned by his uncle, Alejo III, who had dethroned his father, but he/she managed to escape and dismiss him with the help of the leaders of the Fourth Crusade. After the capture of Constantinople by the Crusaders, Isaac II again occupied the throne and Alejo IV was named co-Emperor (1203). He/She was dethroned and killed by Alexios DOUKAS Marzuflo- Miguel I (SS. XII - XIII) despot of Epiro (1204-c. 1215), region that belonged to the Alejo until 1318. Natural son of the brother of Isaac II and Alejo III, Juan.