Biography of Emperador de Trebisonda Alejo I Comneno (1180-1222)

Emperor of Trebizond, born in 1180 and died in 1222. He/She was the grandson of Andronikos, the last Comnenus in Constantinople. Still small, Ángel, that it had proposed to exterminate his family was saved with his brother from the hands of Isaac and, when latinos took Constantinople in 1204, it brought together the disaffected Greeks, took to Trebizond and other cities, while his brother is Lossing of Sinope, and wore his conquests up to near Constantinople. Alexios took the title of Emperor. He/She had wars with the Turks and Teodoro Lascaris, Emperor of Nicaea: fell into the hands of the sultan of Iconium, who had to give Sinope: was succeeded by his son-in-law, Andronikos I.